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NABSE A Limited Liability Partnership

If you need a professional Surveyor, Boat Safety Examiner or a Gas Safe Registered Engineer, always chose a NABSELLP  Partner.  The Nationwide Alliance of Boat Surveyors & Examiners is a Limited Liability Partnership that was formed to ensure that UK boat owners receive the very best of in-scope professional services. The partnership comprises Small Craft Surveyors and Boat Safety Scheme Examiners who are dedicated to delivering the Alliance’s motto: 

                      “The professional link between boaters and boats ...”       


How we do it

While the UK boating fraternity encompasses a diverse range of craft types, a large proportion of the day-to-day challenges experienced by owners are shared by many.Regardless of where the owner finds themselves on the boat ownership ladder, the costs associated with boating continue to focus the mind. By employing a NABSE partner to conduct your BSS Examination, a pre‑purchase survey or some LPG work (to name just 3 of the services provided by NABSE partners) you can be assured the work will be delivered professionally in the most cost effective manner.


Working with Boat Owners

To ensure that the NABSE LLP delivers to its promises , your feedback is really important. If you like what we do – please tell us.Conversely, if you’ve experienced a less than satisfactory level of service from a NABSE partner we need to understand the situation to introduce improvements for the benefit of all. To assure you of our determination in this regard, all NABSE partners are bound by the Alliance’s Code of Professional Conduct and you can be confident that NABSE will respond in a prompt and decisive manner to any adverse comments.

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